The Islander, Traders Hotel, Penang

Restaurant Name: The Islander, Traders Hotel (Formerly Shangri-la Hotel)
Contact No.: +6(04) 262 2622
Type: Seafood Buffet (Fridays)
Price: RM98 nett (20% off for Citibank, HSBC, American Express and Maybank Credit Cards)
Date: 13/10/2006

Food Quality:

the place is quite nicely done, looks chic with a hint of old school (loads of antique, timber finishings and black & white photos). Pretty nice for a romantic dinner for 2. The place is quite spacious (easy access to the food.. ngek ngek ngek).

Food Quality:
I thought the food was rather bad for a 5-star restaurant (range was quite limited also) 😛 The sushi is blant.. very blant, the seaweed they use have this funny smell to it (smelt like a card board box? :P). The cheese baked lobster is alright, but too cheezy until cannot taste the lobster. Thumbs up for the pasta and lasagne. And the oysters saved the day – they’re really fresh (I gulped down 4 in a row.. oppss!!)! Dessert looks very appealing to the point of deceit – they don’t taste as good as they look! But the ice cream is great lah… but that you can get just about anywhere 😛

The Buffet Spread

The Yong Tau Foo + Loklok Station

Food at the Grill Station (they have satay as well).

The Salad Bar

The Sushi Bar

Oysters – the saviour of that meal!

The Fondue Station!!


The services is definitely below par for a 5 star hotel (blame it on the staff). The person(s) handling the phone calls were rude and rather impatient (i called 3 times, spoke to 3 different person, and all 3 of them were rude *shakes head*). The table arrangement discussed over the phone was totally different from what they agreed to, and they refused to rectify the situation by giving us alot of stupid excuses. Had to wait 15 minutes before the manager is willing to assist us (not before giving us a “lecture” on how tables should be arranged). Simply horrible!

Side Note: There was a really sweet staff who helped to pick up my stuff when i dropped it (and it scattered around the floor). + 1 star for that.

Price is a friggin RM98. And No, the food (or service) is not worth that money.

Go somewhere else (unless you’re taking your potential business partner / mother in law / going-to-be-ex there where food don’t matter lah.) A plate of duck egg Char Koay Teow which cost RM3 at the Batu Lancang Market is far more satisfying than this meal!


~ by J on January 18, 2007.

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